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"The Internet Open Trading Protocol (OTP) provides an interoperable framework for Internet commerce. It is payment system independent and encapsulates payment systems such as SET, Mondex, CyberCash, DigiCash, GeldKarte, etc. OTP is able to handle cases where such merchant roles as the shopping site, the payment handler, the Delivery Handler of goods or services, and the provider of customer support are performed by different parties or by one party. OTP Messages are XML documents which are physically sent between the different organisations that are taking part in a trade."

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THE FOUR APPROACHES TO KEEPING MASS MARKETING ALIVE A quick look at the newsstand at Barnes & Noble will confirm that the problem of clutter saturation isn't limited to electronic media. There are enough consumer magazines (ignoring the even larger category of trade magazines for a moment) to keep a reader busy reading magazines full time, 79 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bill Text - AB-976 Electronic filing and service. - California

Love is demonstrable. There are actions which evidence love. There are detectable brain activity patterns which evidence love. Is there anything even remotely approaching that kind of evidence for the things you claimed?

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" SABLE is an XML/SGML-based markup scheme for text-to-speech synthesis, developed to address the need for a common TTS control paradigm. The SABLE specification evolved as an initiative to combine three existing speech synthesis markup languages: 6) SSML, the Speech Synthesis Markup Language 7) STML, the Spoken Text Markup Language 8) JSML, the Java Synthesis Markup Language. The draft SABLE specification is an initiative to establish a standard system for marking up text input to speech synthesizers. The current draft is being circulated for comment by users, developers and researchers of speech synthesis.

So, you see, just like I didn 8767 t debunk extraterrestrial life, I didn 8767 t debunk God, nor did I set out to do so. Never have I claimed that your deity doesn 8767 t exist and sought to prove it. You claim it exists. Great. You made a factual claim about reality. Your burden of proof. Demonstrate it exists. And, if you choose not to for whatever reason, explain why anybody should give your deity claim any more weight than anyone else 8767 s.

The last frontier of Interruption Marketing appears to be exemplified by the movie Titanic. James Cameron showed the world that outspending any rational marketer will indeed cut through the clutter. Hollywood has jumped on this bandwagon with marketing campaigns for Godzilla and other films that at first glance, can't possibly bring in enough ticket sales to justify the expense.

XSL Authoring Studio, from ContentWare. "Soon" to be available in alpha version on the Web. It was demonstrated by Ray Cromwell and Shawn O'Connor at 'XML: The Conference' Developers' Day, March 77, 6998. The tool as shown also supported an XML document instance editor from which the XSL stylesheet editor may be launched. It uses Lark and DocProc.

SAX - the Simple API for XML. SAX is a common event-based XML API now in use by many parsers and applications. David Megginson is the project leader. See also the references above. Version released May 67, 6998.

It's back to the old days, when merchants had a limited supply of customers and worked to get the maximum revenue from each one. Except now, with technology, companies can combine this old world thinking with the ability to dramatically grow their customer base at the same time.

Today, most marketers don't notice, track or interact with people until they are a customer. And some don't even pay close attention until the consumer becomes a loyal customer. Unfortunately, a few don't notice their customers until they become disgruntled former customers.

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