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The MOTHER of the Church here on earth right along with the Divine Truthful Witness of her Divine Spouse - GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT - informed Mankind to REPENT their evil ways, to pray and to invoke her Divine Son 8767 s DIVINE BLESSINGS as the King of kings and the Lord or lords - for it was to her Divine Son that ALL AUTHORITY in the Heavens and ON EARTH was given to her Divine Son JESUS.

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7) You must be baptized into His Church (the Orthodox Church). This is a rite of passage from the world into the Church it symbolizes death, burial and resurrection. When Christ was baptized by John, He transformed the water, and now through baptism we are given remission of sins.

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It 8767 s sick that the pathogen of kosher Khazar political correctness has drowned free speech and full dialogue public life in America.

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And the Priests of the Lord 8767 s Church here one earth obtain this 8766 Power 8767 to INVOKE God the Holy Spirit for the sake of the Church and, by extension, for all of Mankind ON ACCOUNT OF the Bishops of Christ 8767 s Church here on earth.

We all have the tendency to desire to put on some sort of 8766 colors 8767 in order to mitigate our own sense of insecurity as an individual in the greater Human Race.

Into this world of religious privilege, religious precedence, religious prestige there strode this Galilaean with his revolutionary teaching and the scribes and Pharisees were shocked and offended. What right had any common man to talk about God? The religious professionals have never granted to the common man the right to speak about God, and the religious professionals of Palestine were determined to silence Jesus of Nazareth.

Fr. Joseph, please pay very close attention this, and then answer these questions – Who unilaterally changed the Symbol of Faith of the Orthodox Church of the East and West about seven centuries after it was decreed by the Synods and finally Pope Leo III to be unchangeable up through the 9th century?

The opposition was quick to arise. As early as the second chapter of Mark 8767 s Gospel we find the suspicion and the criticism of the scribes and Pharisees in action. We find the opposition to Jesus centred in three groups of people the scribes and the Pharisees, who together form one group, the Sadducees, and the priests. Let us take these groups one by one, and let us try to see why they hated Jesus so much that they strained every nerve and were prepared to use any means to eliminate him.

I was thinking, and it seems to me that the account of the Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan demonstates things nicely:

I need your financial help in fulfilling my vision to go to every major city holding high the Cross of Our God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, as you see in the new picture of me above.

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